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Cirencester Old Grammarians -What of the future?

Hello Old Grammarians

In these unusual and unprecedented times we thought it appropriate to keep you updated with our thoughts on the future direction of our organisation.

Because of the current epidemic there is a lot of uncertainty about.  We know that it was necessary to cancel the 1940s March and July lunches as well as the September Grand Reunion.  .

But rest assured, the 1940s Association will continue in some form, hopefully with the Christmas Lunch (fingers crossed) and the annual issue of the New Cirencestrian Magazine.

Rest assured that Grand Reunions will continue in some form, probably next year, as will the bi-annual Newsletter.

Rest assured that this website will continue as a source of Old Grammarian information.

We will keep you updated, on this page, of any further developments.

We are now into the fourteenth week of ‘lockdown’.  Initially, the impression given was that three weeks ‘keeping a distance’ might be enough.  Clearly it wasn’t so another three weeks was added and more.  It seems possible that even when lockdown ends there may be some restrictions which could impinge on normal Old Grammarian activities in terms of meeting together.  Whatever happens, somehow “we’ll meet again”.

 We hope you and yours remain well.  Perhaps, like us, you are looking after ‘nearest and dearest’, in isolation.  So “until we meet again”………

In the meantime, take care, follow the official advice.

Our very best wishes

Brian Gegg – President of the Cirencester Old Grammarians 1940s Association

Peter Rowe – Hon. Secretary of the Cirencester Old Grammarian Association Renunion Committee.

25th April 2020


Ciren to Kemble Railway to be resumed?

There are proposals to re-open the Cirencester Kemble to Cirencester rail services it has been announced. It seems the plan is to use part of the old route from Kemble, going through the proposed new Chesterton development and turning to link up with the Royal Agricultural University, the Deer Park School and Cirencester College before continuing on next to Old Tetbury Road into the town.

Full details of the proposals are to be found at:

If anyone has information on Bertram Hibbert (an OG who was killed in action in 1918) the editor would be interested to hear.  Especially if there is news of any extant relatives.

As a result of this notice a reply has been received from Judith Hibbert.  Bertram was her first cousin twice removed and she till has his ‘death penny’.  His family originally came from Westhoughton in Lancashire.  Might be a useful source.

This slot is available for Cirencester news concerning residents.  Don’t forget that the Wilts & Glos Standard is published weekly and a certain amount of its news can be accessed via:

The Old Grammar School in Park Lane, Cirencester, has been sold on.


Cirencester Amphitheatre Masterplan.

The Town Council  has been working with various organisations to develop a masterplan to reconnect the amphitheatre with the local community and make it a regional and national destination.  The area includes not only the amphitheatre but Querns Wood, Four Acre Field and the Obelisk.  Planning permission is being sought for enhancement works around the entrances to the Obelisk from Cotswold Avenue and the Scout hut, including insertion of a bridge, staircase, steps and a toposcope.  Interesting aerial photograph of the area in the Wilts & Glos Standard of 25th September 2004 at page 63.

See latest news section at


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