Grammarian Obituaries

Dedicated to Old Grammarians, friends sadly gone but never forgotten”.

(OBITUARIES (reported from 2014 onwards)

Cynthia BELLAR (nee Curtis) Class of circa 1940

Ruth Jenner (nee Woodhouse) Class of 1959

Dorothy GRINNAL (nee Harding) Class of circa 1936

Peter MORGAN Class of circa 1939.  In Australia

Michael J DENNIS.   In Australia.  Class of circa 1939

Robert (Bob) WARREN of Poulton.  Class of circa 1950s

Margaret HENMAN (nee Stott).  Class of 1947

Ann Margaret WEBB (79).  Wife of Old Grammarian Arthur Webb.

Margaret ‘Meg’ MORGAN.  Class of circa 1942.

John WHITAKER (84)  Brother of Malcolm.  Class of 1941.

Audrey VINER (94) Mother of David.

Donald Major SLINGSBY.  Aged 94.  Class of circa 1930.  19th June 2014.  At Hunters Care Home.

Chloe DANCE – widow of our last headmaster.

Frank GOODALE.  passed away in a Nursing Home in Sussex during August 2014.  Many Old Grammarians will remember Frank as a member of a an early 1940s class.  He was an excellent all round sportsman.  His passing breaks one of the few remaining links with the past in the sense that he attended Old Grammarian functions in the old days – both dinners and Old Boys sports events.  He was chairman at one point in the 1950s.  In more recent years he joined us at 1940s lunches and Grand Reunions.

Gordon TIMBRELL (81) Class of circa 1943

Gordon, of Poole Keynes,  brother of Freddie, passed away on 28th August 2014.

Yvonne MACDONALD (Gough) (92)  Class of circa mid 1930s.

Yvonne, sister of Joy, passed away on 15th September 2014 at Cape Cod, USA.  Joy was a few days short of her 93rd birthday.

Jeanne HURST (Biggs) 83

Jeanne, who lived at Poulton, was a teacher at the school  1950s to 1960s.

Marilyn WELCH (Smith) Class of 1959.

Marilyn died in late May 2014.

Margaret HENSON (Stott) Circa 1947

David SPECK (Circa 1944)

Madeleine DIBBEN Circa 1935.

Janet HARROLD (Ryland) (76) Class of 1949.

John GEGG (93) Class of early 1930s

Mary DAY (86) Class of the late 1930s

Josie CLARKE (81)  Class of 1944

Frederick (John) ROBERTS (83) Class of circa 1943/4

Husband of Tessa (Hughes).

Peter HARDING (82) Class of 1943

Freddie TIMBRELL (83) Class of 1943

Henry ARCHER (83) Class of 1943

Stanley Neil CARRUTHERS (About 78) Class of 1946.



Edna was the widow of John Ireland, a teacher at the school in the 1950/60s.  John was the author, with Edwin Cuss, of ‘The History of Cirencester Grammar School’.

Colin OCKWELL (About 83) Class 0f 1943

Doug HUGHES (76) Class of mid 1950s.

Barbara Joan THOMPSON (91)

Jennifer LETHBRIDGE (Tyreman) Class of early 1950s.


The husband of Daphne (Teed).

Eric ‘George’ BUNYAN (87) Class of late 1930s

Originally lived in Watermoor Road.

Betty ROMANS wife of teachers Mr Romans.

Gerald MILLS (85) Class of early 1940s

Cozy POWELL (1947-1998) Class of 1959

Colin Trevor Powell  (‘Colin Flooks’) was born in Cirencester and, in due course, went to Cirencester Grammar School circa 1957/8.  On 7th January 2008 he was honoured by a blue plaque in his name which was unveiled at the Corn Hall in a ceremony attended by civic dignitaries and the great and good of the music world.

Whilst at the Grammar School he joined the school orchestra and became proficient on the drums and other percussion instruments. He went on to play with a number of well known bands and personalities.  In particular he played with Black Sabbath and Suzi Quatro which will give an idea of his music genre.  At the unveiling Brian May described Cozy as being of a generation that created a new way of drumming that was completely different.  He was one of the greatest.

Cozy died in a car crash on the M4 at the age of 50.

Donald HIETT

Wendy THOMPSON (Stansfield)

David REYNOLDS (Class of circa 1944)

Robin Luther WALKER (Class of circa 1946)

Bryan Edward BENNETT (87, former proprietor of Bennett’s Garage) Class of circa 1940/1.

Sir Peter MAXWELL DAVIES. (81)    Sir Peter, composer, teacher at the Grammar School in the early 1960s and, for a period, Master of the Queen’s Music, died on 14th March 2016 at his home in Orkney.  He had been suffering from leukaemia.  Whilst at the Grammar School he formed a school choir and a full orchestra which performed several of his symphonies on the BBC.

Roy Anthony DOWDESWELL (84) (Class of 1943)

Joan and Betty CLEMENTS.

Information from sister Primrose Croteau (nee Clements) New Hampshire, USA.

Dorothy WELLS (nee Cole) Class of 1935

Dick BUSHELL (84) Class of circa 1944)

William John DAY (82) and Christine DAY (76)

Robert (Bob) CURNICK (96)

William (Bill) WORLD (96)

Margaret THORN (Maulden) (83).

Ann HOOKEY (79) Class of 1949.

Frederick Colin LEA (Class of circa 1946}.

Richard (Dick) BUSHELL (Class of circa 1946)

Dorothy WELLS (Nee Cole) (Class of circa 1936)

Robert (Bob) LIGHT (Class of circa 1956)

John PONTING (Class of circa 1949)

Sheila RICHENS (nee Hunter) (Class of circa 1959)


Margaret BOWN (nee Petrie) (97) Class of circa 1930.

Peggy ELLIOTT (Weekes) (80)  Class of 1948

Brian MARSH  (78) (Class of c1949)

Peter Alexander GRACZYK (63)

Pam WEBLEY (nee Gearing)

Rosemary KING (nee Bolton)(89) Class of 1940

Peter Harold WEBB  (92)  (Class of circa 1937)

We have just learned that Peter passed peacefully away on Thursday 19th October at Elm Lodge Nursing Home where he had been resident for some time. Peter leaves his widow Pam.

Peter was an extraordinary Old Grammarian.  He was a member of the Old Boys Association after World War II and a Life Member.  The Old Boys and Old Girls Associations merged in the late 1950s and Peter became the Secretary.  The joint Association was disbanded in the mid 1970s.

When interest in the Association  resumed in the early 1980s Peter and Pam were among the first to offer help and assistance in forming the new Reunion Committee  which, between 1993 and the present has organised ten reunions bringing together many hundreds of Old Grammarians.

Derek WARING (88)

Derek was the husband of Rosemary Waring, Chair of the Reunion Committee.

Wendy VEITCH (82) (Class of circa 1948)

It is with great regret that we announce the sad news that Wendy, who was the Secretary of the 1940s Association, passed away on 10th November 1917 in Southampton Hospital.

Joy LOFTHOUSE (94) (Class of circa 1933/4)

It is with great regret that we announce the sad news that Joy passed away on, 16th November 2017.  She had been suffering from pneumonia.

Janice SAVAGE (Nee Lea) (87) (Class of circa 1942)

Janice, sister of Eldon and the late Delmar, passed away in November.  She lived in Cumbria.

John DYDE (86) (Class of circa 1943)

Margaret Evelyn FRENCH (100) Class of the late 1920s)

Margaret, who spent some time as a missionary, passed away on 11th January a few days short of her 101st birthday.

Geoff SIMPSON.  A pupil of the late 1940s.


Bob FLEXEN (Class of 1934) (In his early 90s)

Ruth EVANS (nee Jenks) At school 1940/50.

John PITMAN (aged about 77) Class 1951)

Pamela BLOWING  (Late 80s)

Pamela, the wife of Rodway.

Elizabeth (Betty) WEYMAN (91) (Class of 1937)

Olive HARRIS (94) (Class of 1933) Mother of Tony Harris.

Muriel (Meg) PERRY.

Pam Joan WEBB (87) Class of 1941/2.

Gordon WESKETT (Late 80s)  Class of early 1940s

Eleanor WAITE (Age – early 20s) (Class of circa 1960s)

Eleanor passed away about 1970.

Ruth GREEN (nee Wheeler) Class of 1940)

Jane LINFORD (nee Shuttleworth)  (Class of 1949)

Ken CARROLL  Mid-80s (class of circa 1944).

Raymond WYMAN (Mid 80s) (Class of 1945)

Raymond ‘Wink’ Wyman passed away at his home in Newark, Notts, in mid-September.  It is understood that his younger brother, who was a professor at an American university, passed away two weeks earlier.

Margaret RALSTON (Bailey) (94) Class of early 1930s.

Doug LEGG (Class of about 1934)

Harry GRENVILLE.  It is with regret that we have to report the passing of Mr Grenville who passed away on Tuesday 6th November 2018.

Harry was a German Jewish refugee who came to this country with his sister and was brought up with a family in Cornwall.  He served in the British army and later taught Science at our school.   His own parents/grandparents perished in Auschwitz concentration camp.

His memorial will take place at 2pm Dorchester Corn Exchange on 25th January and will follow on from a Holocaust Memorial Service.  Timing and other details are awaited.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact Brenda Lissimore who is in contact with Mr Grenville’s daughter.

Doug LEGG (Mid 90s) (Class of circa 1934)

Doug passed away on 9th January 2018.  No further details to hand.

Dorothy WEAVING passed away on the morning of 17th December 2018.  Further details awaited.

Maurice THOMPSON (94) Class of mid-1930s )   Maurice passed away on Christmas Day.  His Thanksgiving Service will take place a 2pm Fridau 11th January at Watermoor Church.

Veronica YEGEN-HEAL (75) (Class of 1954).  Veronica passed away on 3rd January  2019.

Mr R.J. Garner (94) (Class of mid-1930s)

No further details at present.

Kenneth WALKLEY (87) (Class of 1943)

Ken (brother of Jean) was resident in Vancouver Island, Canada, passed peacefully away in hospital there on 10th January.

Eldon LEA (87) (Class of circa 1946/7)

Eldon passed away on 29th January at a South Bristol nursing home.  His funeral is set for Monday 11th February at the South Bristol Crematorium (off the A38) afterwards at Woodspring Golf Club.

Eldon, formerly of Jenner House, was a bank manager and brother to the late Janice and Delmar.


Rob passed away on 19th February in a hospice near his Bristol home.  Rob was a much valued member of the Reunion Committee and will be sadly missed.  Rob’s service Took take place at Westerleigh Crematorium on Tuesday 12th March.

Audrey BARTLETT (nee Aston) (83) (Class 1P of 1946)

We have learned that Audrey passed away recently in Australia.

Amy Eleanor BLISS (nee Ripley) 88 (Class of mid 1940s)

Amy passed away at home on 23rd April 2019.  Sister of Geoff.  Amy’s thanksgiving service will be held at Cirencester Ashcroft Church, Friday 24th May at 2.30pm.

Ruth GADD (nee Pady) early 90s (Class of late 30s/early 40s)

Ruth passed away at home on  9th May.  The  service celebrating Ruth’s life will be held at Watermoor Church on Thursday 30th May 2019.

Vernon HARDING 83  (Class of 1947)

Vernon passed away on 3rd June.  He had been rushed to hospital suffering from an aortic aneurysm.  A celebration of his life will be held at St Cuthbert’s Church, Wells on Monday July 1st at 2.30pm.

Patricia READ (nee Keen/Bradley) 80  (Class of 1948)

Pat passed away on 6th June. Her funeral service will take place at St.Peter’s Church, Siddington, on Wednesday 19th June at 11am.

John LAVERY  (70app)(Class of circa 1948) – on 8th June – in Australia.  No further details to hand.

Professor Jeffrey WYMAN (Early 70s) Class of Circa 1956.

Jeffrey (brother of the late Raymond Wyman) passed away in September 2018.  No further details available.

Jean Sally HODDINOTT (nee FLUCK)  (87) ( Class of 1943)

Sally passed away on 30th August 2019.  The funeral service will be held at the North Wilts Crematorium on Monday 7th October at 11am.

Madge SMEETON (nee Walker) (app 90) (Class of circa 1940)

Madge passed away on 8th September.  Her Thanksgiving Service will be held at Holy Trinity Church, Cirencester, on Tuesday 24th September at 2pm.  ……..and…

David SMEETON, husband of Madge.  Further details awaited.

Patrick PINCOMBE (app 77)  (Class of 1953) on 10th October.  No further details.

Daphne RIPLEY  (mid 80s)

Daphne was the wife of Geoffrey Ripley of Bridge Farm, Daglingworth (Class of 1943).  Further details awaited.

Ron BRUNSDON (93) died peacefully with his family on 11th November.  Ron’s funeral service will be held on Tuesday 26th November at 2.30pm – All Saints Church, North Cerney.

Brendan Jones (Class of circa 1952) No further details

Betty Durham (Sister of Pat) (95) Betty (Dorothy Elizabeth) passed away on 19th November.  A Thanksgiving Service in her memory will be held at  at Holy Trinity Church, Watermoor on Wednesday 4th December at 2pm.

Squadron Leader Thomas James Palmer MBE (Aged 99)

Jim passed away on 7th December at Careford Lodge, Merriott.   The dates he was a pupil at the Grammar School are not known, but would have been the 1929/1930 era.  He served in the Royal Air Force during World War II and was on ‘Spitfire duties’ over the period of the D Day landings.  Subsequently Jim became a career member of the the service.

His service was held  on Monday 23rd December at Salisbury Crematorium, Barrington Road, Salisbury SP1 3JB.


Irene STRANGE (82)      No further details


Squadron Leader Brian WESKETT (88) Class of 1943)

Brian passed away on 39th January 2020 at Crawley Hospital.  Brian was formerly a pilot with the RAF  and later with Dan Air.  Information from Brian’s widow Anne (nee Payne).   A school photograph of Brian is at page 44 of ‘Looking Back at Cirencester Grammar School’.  The service was held on 24th February.


Bob TANNER  (late 80s) (Class of early 1940s)

We have just learned that Bob passed away during 2019.


Angela RICHARDSON (about 82)  (Class of 1949)

Further information awaited.


Ray BENFIELD (92)  Husband of Eileen.

At The Great Western Hospital, Swindon on 20th February.  Ray’s service will be held on Monday 9th March at Holy Trinity Church, Watermoor.

Dr Eric DORLING (95) (CGS 1931-1945)

Eric passed away, peacefully, at his home in Farnham on 10th February. He was a distinguished scientist, including in the fields of rocketry and space.

Eric is featured at page 171 of A History of Cirencester Grammar School and there is an on-line obituary.  His funeral service has taken place.


Nancy STOCKWELL (mid 90s) (Class of circa 1937.  No further details.


                                           ROSEMARY WARING



                                WE WILL MISS HER TERRIBLY.





The Very Rev. David COULING (84) on 19th June 2020. The service took place at Durham Crematorium on 6th July 2020.

Yvonne Janet FIELD (Nee DORLING) (Aged 86) on 27th June 2020 at Great Western Hospital. Yvonne, from a class of the mid-1940s, was the widow of Alan ‘Tich’ FIELD.

Eric CAUSON (88) Class of circa 1942

Eric’s photo appears at page 47 of ‘Looking Back at Cirencester Grammar School’. The funeral has already taken place.

Jill McDonald (73) (Class of 1957)
Jill died on 13th July 2020 at Ringwood, New Jersey, USA. In her younger days Jill lived at Prospect Place, Cirencester. She was married at Watermoor Church in the late 1960s. Shortly afterwards she went to the USA where she remained

Janet Edwards (Class of late 1940s
Janet passed away on 19th October 2020 in Elm Lodge Nursing Home.

Sybil STRIDE (nee Barnes) Class of circa 1936.

Colin SIMMONDS Class of circa 1951

Vivienne ALLISON (nee Kendrick). Class of circa 1947

Ronald BRUNSDON. Class of circa 1937

ARTHUR WEBB (Class of 1943) Aged 88

Jim HOLT. (Class of 1960). Passed away in 2019 and his brother

Bob HOLT (class of circa 1947) Passed away in 1998

Information from brother Graham HOLT (Class of 1958) who is alive and well and living in Napier, New Zealand.


Jack WISE (early 80s) (Class of 1943)

We have only just learned that Jack passed away in 1914.


Michael Frederick PONTING. (Class of circa 1954)

Mick passed away on 16th November 2020. Private funeral.


Margaret CLACK (nee Smith) (83) (Class of circa late 1940s)

Margaret passed away on 14th November 2020



Mike, sometimes known as ‘Mike the Bike’, of Stratton, was once a teacher at the school about 1950. He passed away on 18th November 2020.



Richard G JACKSON (88) (circa 1943

Dick passed away on 14th November



.Peter FORTIN (90)

Peter passed away in mid-November 2020 and his service took place on 3rd December. Peter initially went to a grammar school in Cambridge. When his parents moved to Ampney Crucis in 1944 he was admitted to Cirencester Grammar School joining Class of 1943 who were in their second year.


Alec DAY (88) (Class of 1943)

Alec passed away on 9th December. No further details at present.


Richard PRESSLAND (93) (Class of early 1940s)

Richard passed away on 18th November 2020. No further details.



Geoff Mills (early 70s)(Class of circa 1959). No further details.


.David JEHU

(85) (Class of circa 1947)

David, formerly an RSM in the Royal Military Police, passed away on 11th March 2021.




John G KEEN (93) (Class of circa 1939)

John passed away in February 2021 at Gloucester Royal Hospital




Robert William George CURTIS (94) (Class of circa 1938)

Robert passed away on 29th November 2019.


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